What is Flyball?
Fury Flyball is a fast paced, intense canine sport and has been increasing in popularity amongst dog owners and dogs alike. This is also a team sport which is much more fun than individual sports.

Flyball is a relay race between two teams of dogs and handlers. There are four dogs per team that will race in a given heat. Each dog on the team is released by his handler, then he must go over four hurdles, trigger a flyball box which ejects a tennis ball, grab the ball and return over the four jumps carrying the ball. Then the next dog on the team can run. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

The hurdles are 10 feet apart from each other. The first hurdle is six feet from the start line and the box is 15 feet from the last hurdle, for a 51 feet overall length. The flyball box is a spring-loaded box that shoots out a tennis ball when the front pedal is pushed by the dog. The dog can make an error by missing one or more jumps, forgetting or dropping the ball or starting before the dog before him is done. If an error occurs, then the dog must run the course again after all other dogs on the team have completed their run. The first team to run each dog without error wins.

The hurdle heights are dependent on the smallest dog (height dog) on the team. The dogs are measured 5’’ below the shoulder height, 7’’ is the minimum jump height and 12’’ is the maximum jump height.

Can my dog do Flyball?
Dogs of any breed or mixture can compete. Dogs as tiny as Yorkies, Boston Terriers & Jack Russell Terriers compete against Great Danes, Labradors, Border Collies and everything in between. Your dog does not need to be a purebred dog. Many rescues and dogs obtained at shelters play flyball.

To be successful in the sport however, your dog should possess at least one of the following qualities:
  1. Loves to play with balls (tennis balls preferred, but any non-squeaky ball is allowed).
  2. Loves to please you.
  3. Loves to work.
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