Nose to Nose Flyball Club
Nose To Nose is a flyball club located in Minnesota that was created in 2006 by a group of friends with similar goals.

Our club believes in positive, motivational training, including treats, toys and most of all, PRAISE. The best part of our flyball club is the bond that is created between owner and their dog(s), as well as the friendships that are part of our club.

We are a club full of friends…both furry and not.
Upcoming Events
Event: High Velocity Tournament (Racing & Selling Food)
Date: 4/26/2014 - 4/27/2014
Location:  TCOTC
Team Photo
Do you have a high-energy dog that is ball crazy but don't have time for a team sport like flyball? We would love to train your dog. You pay the tournament and practice fees and we will take care of the rest. We will transport and train your dog and you can come watch him participate in tournaments. We are currently able to take dogs living in the east or south metro area. Contact us at if you are interested.
What's New
  • 3/29/2014
    Josie got her FMX title
  • 3/16/2014
    Cherry got her FDCh-G title
  • 3/16/2014
    Rio got his FDCh title
  • 3/16/2014
    Mo got his FDCh-S title
  • 1/26/2014
    Fury got her FM title
  • 1/12/2014
    Johnny got his FMCh title
  • 1/11/2014
    Lily H. got her FMX title
  • 1/11/2014
    Bo got his FMX title
  • 1/11/2014
    Atticus got his FMCh title
  • 12/7/2013
    Zoey got her FM title
  • 12/7/2013
    Lily J. got her FMX title
  • 11/17/2013
    Diesel got his FM title
  • 10/12/2013
    Titan got his FMCH title